Discovering that you are unable to keep
up with your bills can be frightening.  
Feeling helpless and living pay check to
pay check can lead people to become
overwhelmed.  Compound this situation
with the harassing phone calls and letters
from your creditors, people see no hope
to their financial situation.  However,
many are considering their options under
the bankruptcy code and finding relief
from the court through a discharge of
their debts and a "Fresh Start."    
Whether your debt is from credit cards,
medical bills, or the death of a spouse,
the laws under the bankruptcy code may
protect you from your creditors and
permit you to keep your car, your home,
and your household goods & furnishings.

Syracuse, Cicero, Binghamton, Bankruptcy Attorney. Debt Relief.
Our office would seek to utilize the protections afforded under the Bankruptcy Code to
stop your creditors from continuing any collection efforts including the annoying phone
calls and harassing collection letters.  Additionally, the code may provide you with an
Bankruptcy Court. Northern District of New York. Free case appraisal. No fee consultation.
"automatic stay" precluding your creditors from garnishing your wages, seizing your
bank accounts, and foreclosing on your home until your debts are discharged.  If you    
Excessive Credit Card Debt. Living from Pay check to pay check. Struggling to make ends meet. Get a Fresh Start

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