If headed from the South of the city of Cortland, you will need to find 81 North.  Take 81 North to
Exit 11.  As you proceed to the off ramp, you will need to bare to the left and follow the signs for
Clinton Street.  You will head west toward the city of Cortland on Clinton Street.  Proceed through
the intersectionn of Church Street and Clinton and then through Main Street and Clinton.  After
traveling over Main Street, Church will become Groton Avenue.  Continue to head West on Groton
Avenue until you come to the intersection of Groton Avenue an West Road.  West Road is also
known as Route 281.  Take a right onto West Road and head North for about .23 miles and you will
find our office off to the right.    

If headed from the North of the city of Cortland, you will need to find 81 South.  Take 81 South to
Exit 12.  Follow the off ramp as it takes you to Route 281.  Take a left onto Route 281 and head
South.  Route 281 is also known as West Road.  Continue on West Road for about .7 miles until you
reach our office located on the left.  

The Cortland Office can be reached at 607-299-4796