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Defective Knee Implant Cases

Defective Knee Implant Cases Your knee is an important joint and plays a vital role in your mobility. When one isn't working properly, you may not be able to work, engage in favorite activities, ...
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HOW MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE CAN CAUSE BIRTH TRAUMA Out of all of the negligently caused injuries that can occur at the hands of a medical professional, a birth injury can prove to be the most devastating, ...


A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an impact to the brain that causes severe damage such as a concussion, contusion or penetration. The type and amount of force or impact will usually determine the ...
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When difficulties occur during childbirth, medical personnel need to respond quickly to protect the mother and baby's health. It is important that any complications are properly diagnosed and ...

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be particularly devastating in terms of the injuries they cause. The size and force of a truck, along with the materials of the vehicle as well as its load, can wreak havoc on ...
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Florida's sunny weather makes it the ideal place to ride a motorcycle. Unfortunately, the number of motorcycle crashes in our state has nearly doubled from 2000 to 2008, and there were 550 ...
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Car Accidents Caused by Defective Auto Products

Car accidents are not always caused by driver error; there are occasions when a vehicle or its parts are to blame, in which case the manufacturer is usually the liable party. Examples of instances ...
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Car Accidents: Texting While Driving

The popularity of mobile devices has brought about both beneficial and dangerous consequences. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that driver distraction was the cause of 16% ...
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Hit and Run Drivers

Always elect Uninsured Motorists Insurance.You would be surprised the number of calls we receive from victims of hit and run drivers. They are often surprised to hear Uninsured Motorists Insurance ...
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How much time do you have to bring an Uninsured Motorists Claim?

Florida recognizes Uninsured Motorists Claims as contracts between insurance companies and consumers. As such, consumers have five years to file lawsuits to preserve their claims. This is distinct ...
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Consumer Rights Defended in Uninsured Motorists Case

The Florida Supreme Court is set to decide another case involing consumer rights under an uninsured motorists policy of insurance. Uninsured motorists insurance pays for the medical expenses, wage ...
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What is a Mass Tort?

Several years ago, Congress passed a law to allow the consolidation of lawsuits against one Defendant before one Judge. The idea was to avoid conflicting rulings and to encourage resolution of cases ...
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Malpractice Caps Decision Looms while outside groups attack The Florida Supreme Court

As the Florida Supreme Court begins to roll out its decisions from cases argued earlier this year, few are more anticipated than McCall v US, which will decide the constitionality of Floridas cap on ...
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Should I go to the Emergency Room

It is usually a good idea to seek immediate medical treatment after an accident. Unfortunately, waits in the emergency room are lengthy, frustrating and often expensive. Emergency Rooms are geared for ...
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The State of Florida Places Disabled Children in Nursing Homes

The Miami Herald reported that the state of Florida was found to be involved in a scandal involving placing disabled children in Florida nursing homes. Court papers were filed by the U.S. Department ...
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What is a soft tissue injury?

A Soft tissue injury is usually defined as damage to muscles, ligaments and tendons throughout the body. Most soft tissue injuries occur from a trauma or blow resulting in an n abnormal extension of ...
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Florida's Frightening Uninsured Motorist Problem

According to a recent study, approximately one out of four of Florida's drivers is driving without proper insurance. Additionally, the Insurance Research Council (IRC) reports that nearly 23 ...
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What is Personal Injury Protection?

Personal Injury Protection Insurance, or PIP, is a "no fault" system of payment of damages to injured persons, regardless of fault. It remains very controversial and is thought to promote ...
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Do I need an Injury Lawyer?

The answer must be almost always yes. Law, whether we like it or not, is a complicated system of sometimes contradictory rules which must be navigated to preserve clients rights. On the other hand, ...
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Car Insurance/How much is enough?

Almost instinctively, most consumers try to buy just enough insurance to keep their car on the road or satisfy the requirements of their car leasing or finance company. Unfortunately, when tragedy ...
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Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney, Part One

Most of our clients have never hired a personal injury lawyer, or, quite frankly, any lawyer before they walk through our door. Very few know what to expect and, quite frankly, what to look for. Most ...
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Uninsured Motoroist Case to Supreme Court

The Florida Supreme Court is considering whether it will decide an important consumer rights issue on the stacking of Uninsured Motorists Insurance. In Travelers v Harrington, the First District Court ...
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What is "stacking" of uninsured motorist insurance?

When you sign up for an auto insurance policy, it's critical that you also obtain uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. This coverage specifically protects you, your loved ones, or your ...
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Consumer Rights Upheld in Uninsured Motorist Case

Florida's First District Court of Appeals recently issued a stinging opinion criticizing Travelers Insurance Companies efforts to limit the right of recovery to injured persons otherwise insured ...
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Florida's Preemption Law: How It Could Affect You

Throughout the U.S. distracted driving is a problem that has led to numerous accidents, some fatal. For this very reason, many states have enacted laws regulating when the use of cell phones will and ...
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