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Types of Car Accident Injuries

Drivers in the Tampa Bay area spend an average of 47 hours a year stuck in traffic, and this area is reported to have some of the nation's most congested roadways. Even with the economic downturn and the spike in gasoline prices, drivers are still taking to the roads for work, errands and other reasons. A whopping 235,461 traffic crashes took places in Florida in 2010 and 195,104 injuries were reported.

Traffic accidents, including those involving cars, are responsible for over a quarter of a million injuries each year. The injuries reported range from moderate to very severe, and many result in the death of the victim. Examples of car accident injuries include:

Negligence in Your Car Accident

If negligence on the part of another is responsible for you sustaining injury in a car accident, then there is a strong chance that you will be able to successfully file an injury claim for compensation. This compensation can be used to cover damages such as your medical treatment (including potential treatment that may be needed in the future), repairs to your property, physical/emotional pain and suffering, and lost profits or wages. Contact a personal injury lawyer who can assist you in filing your claim with the responsible party's insurance company or take legal action on your behalf should it become necessary.

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