Factors to Consider When Choosing a Los Angeles Criminal Attorney

Hiring the right attorney can make the difference between being condemned or acquitted by a court of law.  It is important to know how to find a professional Los Angeles attorney specializing in criminal law for your own safety and well-being. Remember, even if you are los angeles criminal attorneyfound guilty, a lawyer can make your sentence a lot smaller.

Here are some factors to consider when looking for a criminal attorney:

1.       Listen to referrals

Referrals from different people can point you towards a professional law firm. You should find and ask people who have been in a similar situation about their lawyers. If you do not personally know anyone, asking on a forum may help you get the needed information.

2.       Check and see if the law firm handled similar cases

Before hiring an attorney or a law firm to handle your case, make sure that they have the proper experience. Although law firms are not obliged to give details about their cases, you can still ask them. However, do not always expect a detailed answer.

3.       Consider the size of the firm

Big and well-known law firms may be out of your price range or too expensive for your case. If you deal with a small accusation, you do not always need an expensive lawyer. Smaller firms may have the necessary expertise to represent you in court.

4.       Pick the lawyer you need

If you are accused of a crime, you should always pick a Los Angeles attorney specializing in criminal law. They are the most competent professional to handle your case. If on the other hand, you have a civil dispute, like a divorce, you should hire a family lawyer. Keep in mind that both attorneys can represent you in each case, but their expertise may be limited outside of their specialized field.

5.       Interview lawyers

Many attorneys offer free consultation services. This will help you get to know the attorney and see if you can trust him or her. You should interview as many lawyers as you can before making a decision.

If you need professional representation in court, do not hesitate to call one of our professional attorneys! Visit us to find more!

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How Can I Report A Probation Violation If I Live In Another State?

If you know or suspect someone who is violating their probation, you can report them to their officer, in order to help keep a potentially dangerous person under surveillance. Depending on the law of each state, probation violation can be punished with fines, surcharges, penalties and even jail time. Here are some of the ways to report a probation violation if you live in another state:

1. Gather information!

Write down everything that may come in handy: name, address, the date and details of the incident. Having a witnesses will add weight to your report. If you do not have exact information to prove the probation violation, the officer may not take your report into consideration.

2. Take the gathered information to your local police station

If the violation implied another misdemeanor or felony, you have to take the gathered data to your local police station and file a report. The officers will investigate and if the suspect is guilty of another crime while on probation, local officers will call the probation officer.

3. Contact the Probation Officer directly

If the probation was not violated through another crime, you can take matters to that person’s probation officer. For example, if you see someone leaving the state while on probation or associating with former crime partners. These activities are not illegal, so your local policeman cannot do anything against them, but they are against the probation agreement.

4. Be anonymous!

It is important to keep your anonymity, especially if you are reporting someone who is potentially dangerous! Ask the probation officer to keep your identity confidential. You will not be summoned to testify in court, unless the case is difficult to prove!

5. Think of the consequences!

Reporting someone who violated his or her probation can have tremendous consequences. The person can serve jail time or pay high fines. Other penalties may include losing the driver’s permit, losing employment and others. Be sure you have legitimate facts prior to filing any claims.

If you want protection, call an affordable criminal attorney in LA for the best representation of your case! Our firm can offer you free counseling and excellent attorney services at great prices! Click here for more information!

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What Are The Drunk Driving Penalties In The State Of California?

Over the last couple of years, Californian state regulations became very severe when it comes to drinking under the influence. California drunk driving penalties are some of the harshest in the country and people who are caught with an alcohol level beyond the legal limit risk high fines, losing their driver’s permit and even jail time.


What is the limit?

Like in any other state California Laws state that any person with a BAC (blood alcohol content) higher that 0.08% is not allowed to drive, regardless of their driving ability. A BAC of 0.08% is usually the equivalent of two beers, but this depends from each person to person. Persons younger than 21 years, however, are not legally allowed to drink. Which means their BAC must be 0.00%. Commercial drivers are limited to a BAC of 0.04%.


What happens if you drink and drive?

The harshness of the penalty you will receive depends on whether it is your first DUI offence, the circumstance and the gravity of your actions. For example, if your drunk driving has caused another human being harm, you will face harsher penalties, risking even jail time or permanent license suspension.

  • First offense. If you are caught driving under the influence for the first time, the law will be more lenient towards you, as long as you did not break any other laws. In most cases, you will receive a fine between $400 and $1000. Your driver’s license can also be suspended (this happens if your BAC level is very high) for a maximum of 10 months.
  • Second offense. Drunk driving penalties on your second offense are increasingly severe. You can be fined between $1800 and $2800 and have your license suspended for 2 years.
  • Third offense. Your third DUI offense can very well be your last. Jail penalties are more likely at this stage, especially if your BAC levels are high. Your licence can be suspended for 3 years or indefinitely. Fines range from $2000 to over $15,000.

If you are accused of driving under the influence, you can face harsh penalties. Make sure you get the right representation by calling one of our lawyers. Visit our website and we will review your case.

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California’s minor in possession laws (MIP) strictly regulate the possession and consumption of alcohol by a person under age 21 (a minor) and the sale of alcohol to a minor.  (Bus. & Prof. Code, §§ 23004, 25661, 25658, 25662, 25602; Civ. Code, § 1714; Veh.  Code, § 23224.)

Dealing with a criminal charge for violating a MIP law is a stressful experience.  However, there are defenses.   If either you or your child is charged with violating the MIP laws call a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney for more information.



A minor cannot consume alcohol in any on-sale premises.  (Bus. &  Prof. Code, § 25658(b)).



The penalty for the first violation is a fine of $250 or performing 24 hours to 32 hours of community service or a combination of a fine and community service. The penalty for the second violation a fine up to $500 or performing 36 hours to 48 hours of community service or a combination of a fine or community service.  (Bus. & Prof. Code, § 25658(e)(1).)



A minor will be immune from criminal prosecution where

(1)    She/he called 911 and reported the need for medical assistance; AND

(2)    She/he was the first person to make the 911 report; AND

(3)    She/he remained on the scene with the other person until medical assistance arrived and cooperated with law enforcement and medical personnel on the scene.

(Bus. & Prof. Code, § 25667(a)(1)-(3).)


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Chef Who Cooked his Wife’s Body Asks Judge for Permission to Represent Himself

David Vein, a chef who told police he accidentally killed his wife and then cooked her body to dispose of it, tried to fire his Los Angeles criminal defense attorney in hopes to represent himself.


Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Rand S. Rubin rejected Mr. Viens’ request, which was made outside the jury’s presence and before the defense’s last witness testified. The Judge said that Mr. Viens’ criminal defense attorney, Fred McCurry, had represented him proficiently. In addition, the Judge provided that it was too late in the proceedings for Mr. Viens to represent himself and take over the case.


Defendant Viens told the judge  that he was “afraid” to represent himself and needed help figuring out how to prepare witnesses and build exhibits. In addition, Viens said, he felt like he had no choice because he and his defense attorney disagreed on trial tactics.


Defendant Viens is accused of murdering his wife, Dawn who vanished in October of 2009. Viens jumped off an 80-foot cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes, when he found out that investigators suspected he was responsible for his wife’s disappearance. He survived the jump.


Prosecutors have no physical evidence of what happened to Vien’s wife, but in interviews he said that he taped her mouth and bound her hands and feet with duct tape, then went to sleep. He claims that when he woke up, his wife was dead.


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Doctor Who Recklessly Prescribed Drugs is Charged With Murder

A Rowland Heights doctor charged with murder in the overdose deaths of three patients pleaded not guilty. Hsiu-Ying “Lisa” Tseng, 42, wearing a blue jumpsuit and her hair pulled into a ponytail, cried during her arraignment in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Before the hearing began, Tseng met with Orange County criminal defense attorneys Edward Welbourn and Alan Stokke who were handling her defense.


Tseng is charged with second-degree murder for recklessly prescribing addictive drugs to patients who had no medical need for them, resulting in the deaths of three men. Tseng is the first doctor accused of murder by the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office over the prescribing of drugs.


The court ordered Tseng to stand trial for murder, saying the evidence suggested that the doctor may have “improperly used her prescription pad to cause irreparable harm.” Tseng’s three-week preliminary hearing included more than 40 prosecution witnesses.


Tseng has been in custody since she was arrested and is being held at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood in lieu of $3-million bail.


Tracy Green, a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who recently began representing Tseng, said she is “extremely confident” her client will be acquitted.


The Los Angeles criminal defense attorney said, “This isn’t a murder case,” Green said. “In America, we believe in personal responsibility…. When [Tseng] prescribed these medications to the three patients at issue, they … had their own agenda, which was to seek drugs.”

Tseng is expected to appear in court Oct. 11 for a pre-trial hearing.


For more information, please visit http://zolonzassociates.com.

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David Viens Jury Fails to Reach Verdict

The jury in David Viens trial failed to reach a verdict and will have to continue deliberations. Viens is accused of murdering his wife, Dawn who vanished in October of 2009. Viens jumped off an 80-foot cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes, when he found out that investigators suspected he was responsible for his wife’s disappearance. He survived the jump.

The panel spent about 4 1/2 hours over two days trying to decide whether Viens is guilty of first-degree murder. The jurors also asked the court for the definition of second-degree murder, since they could convict Viens of second-degree murder or manslaughter instead. The court referred them to the jury instructions.

Played for the jury, were two interviews Viens gave to investigators, while he was hospitalized. In the second interview, he described a horrific body disposal process that the defense said was too bizarre to believe. Viens said that he packed her body into a large drum, boiled it in water over four days and dumped most of what remained into the grease trap of his restaurant, Thyme Contemporary Cafe.

During the trial, Vien’s Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Fred McCurry didn’t challenge the premise that Viens’s wife was dead. The criminal defense attorney also did not suggest that she was killed by someone other than Viens. Instead, the LA defense attorney argued that the evidence didn’t support a first-degree murder conviction, which requires proof of premeditation. The defense attorney described her death as an accident, which mirrors the account David Viens allegedly gave to his daughter and ex-girlfriend.

For more information, please visit https://criminaldefenseattorneyinla.com.

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Estranged wife of State Treasurer Charged with Felony Drug Posession

Former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Locker was charged with one felony count of drug possession, two misdemeanor counts of drug abuse and one misdemeanor count of child abuse after being found with methamphetamine at a home in Orange County.

Lockyer, the estranged wife of state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, was arrested by the Orange Police Department on Aug. 28, after law enforcement received a call from a tipster saying she was in possession of drugs. Lockyer was staying with her 9-year-old son at a relative’s home in Orange on Aug. 28 when police received reports that she was in possession of drugs there.

Officers found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, including tubular aluminum foil with a burned end, according to the criminal complaint. Police said Lockyer showed “objective signs of being under the influence of a drug.

Lockyer’s criminal defense attorney said “Nadia recognizes her error, and she intends to take all appropriate action to regain her health.” The criminal defense attorney also objected to the child abuse charges saying “there was no evidence of any such abuse,” but Judge Gerald Johnston allowed the abuse charge to stand.

Nadia Lockyer is a native of Orange County and a former trustee for the Santa Ana Board of Education, elected in 1998.

For more information please visit https://criminaldefenseattorneyinla.com !

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Man Charged with Attempting to Extort Stevie Wonder is Charged and Sentenced

Alpha Lorenzo Walker a man who falsely claimed to be Stevie Wonder’s nephew, was charged with attempted extortion for threatening to sell erroneous information about Stevie wonder unless the he was paid $5 million. Lorenzo was later sentenced to 292 days in jail after pleading no contest to the charge and was released for time served.

Walker and his girlfriend, Tamara Eileen Diaz were arrested in May by LA police after Walker made false claims about Wonder and his family. Diaz has been released on time served. Walker met Wonder’s attorney, William Briggs II at an LA coffee shop and showed him video footage that depicted conditions at Wonder’s deceased mother’s former home. Walker then threatened to sell the information unless the singer paid him the money. During the coffeehouse meeting, Wonder’s lawyer noticed that Diaz was nearby watching. Walker later lowered his demand to $500,00 with a $10,000 upfront confidentiality agreement, after Briggs told Walker that the singer was outraged about the demand.

Walker’s lawyer, Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Ian Wallach, said the deal was reached after prosecutors had a hard time proving the extortion case. The LA defense attorney also said that the charges were eligible to be reduced to misdemeanors and expunged later if the pair complied with the terms of their release. Moreover, the LA criminal defense attorney maintained his client was innocent and that he had a constitutional right to make and market the video.

The court also ordered Walker to attend twice-weekly mental health counseling while on probation. His girlfriend must complete 78 Narcotics Anonymous classes and was placed on three years formal probation. The pair was also ordered to stay away from Wonder, his family and co-workers while on probation.

For more information, please visit our website https://criminaldefenseattorneyinla.com

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Expungement Law

Expungement Law in California

Don’t let old mistakes get in your way on the path towards success.  If you have ever been arrested, convicted of a crime, or found delinquent in juvenile court, you must read this!! Having a criminal record serves as an obstacle to future life choices.  It may prevent you from getting a JOB, going to COLLEGE, in obtaining professional or commercial LICENSES, it can lower your CREDIT, prevent running for public office and joining the military.  In addition, if you’re ever in court again, your criminal record may lead to HARSHER PUNSHMENT if you’re convicted.

It is seldom known to non-lawyers, but in most cases you have the RIGHT to:

  • Have your Felony convictions reduced to misdemeanors
  • Early release from probation
  • Seal your juvenile record
  • Expunge your adult felony and misdemeanor convictions
  • File for a Certificate of Rehabilitation

Regardless of what type of criminal record you have, it is strongly recommended that you clean up your record as much as possible. You need a Los Angeles criminal lawyer.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you’re interested in trying to do something about your California criminal record, you should speak with an la criminal attorney.

If so, the  LA criminal attorneys at Zolonz & Associates can HELP!

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