How long are you arrested for DUI in the state of California?

Being charged with DUI has the potential of turning upside down the whole life of a person.  The accused driver will face certain penalties, depending on the severity of his actions and other factors.  A criminal defense attorney will help protecting your right while being under investigations by the authorities.  It is likely for the accused to be placed under arrest while all evidences are gathered and analyzed.  California’s federal laws clearly state how long will be placed under arrest for DUI.

driving under the influence 1You will be accused of DUI if the officer who pulled you over notices an alcoholic odor emitting from your breath or signs of intoxication (red bloodshot eyes, flushed face or slurred speech).  The officer will ask you to perform road field sobriety tests and even preliminary analyze your breath with dedicated devices.  Based on the provided results, you can be arrested for DUI.  After being arrested, you will be taken to hospital, jail or police station for further blood/breath investigations.  Blood is sent to labs, so you may spend several days in prison before the results arrive.

For a first DUI conviction, the minimum penalties, if no one is injured or killed, are: approximately $1800 fine, 2 days in jailor a 90 days license restriction plus a period of time in which your license is suspended.  The maximum penalties include a 6 month imprisonment plus payments of more than $3600.

For a second DUI conviction, the minimum penalties, if no one is injured or killed, are: $1800 fine and ten days in jail, installation of “interlock” devices and license suspension plus restrictions. The maximum penalties, again, when there are not persons injured or killed, are: one year in jail, $3000, required installation of “interlock” devices and various license suspension periods and restrictions.

For third and subsequent DUI convictions, the penalties become pretty dire.  You will spend 120 days in jail for 3rd offense and 180 days in jail for 4th offense.  The maximum penalties include 1 year in jail for 3rd conviction and 16 month in state prison for the fourth conviction.

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