• “I Will Fight For Your Freedom”

  • Adam M.Zolonz

    Criminal Defense Attorney

Zolonz & Associates

At Zolonz & Associates, we provide our clients with nothing less than excellence in criminal defense. We pride ourselves on our reputation of success and efficiency in resolving a wide-range of criminal matters for individuals of all walks of life. (Practice Areas)

Our aggressive representation is always with skill, passion, and care. We are advocates, strategists, and counselors at every stage of our representation. We recognize the difficult situation our clients and their families are in and understand full-heartedly that your freedom is our duty.  We are available to directly speak with our clients for all their needs.

Our success is demonstrated though repeated and consistent referrals from our clients, opposing counsel, and other attorneys. As is set forth in our testimonials, our clients are treated like family. (Testimonials)

Contact the offices of ZOLONZ & ASSOCIATES to speak with one of our criminal defense attorneys. We are dedicated to providing all of our clients with top-notch defense and an affordable price.