Criminal Law


If you or someone you has been accused of a crime contact our law offices immediately and find out your rights. We have years of experience defending cases and fighting state and federal prosecutors across all of California. We aggressively defend all misdemeanor, felony, federal and juvenile cases.

Our Firm has a collection of passionate and affordable criminal defense attorneys who are ready to fight for your rights in every county in California. 

Our goal is to provide the best defense possible for our clients. Facing criminal charges is a very serious thing and you need serious attorneys on your side who understand the law and can navigate through the legal system.

Our dedicated staff is looking forward to fighting for you. CONTACT our law offices for a free case consultation.

We will not let up until we get the best disposition for our clients. 


What should I know if I just got arrested?

DO NOT plead guilty merely because you think you have no defense.

DO NOT consent to any search of your home or vehicle, unless previously ordered by the court.

DO NOT speak with your friends or anyone in jail about your case. What you tell them can be used against you later in the court of law.

DO NOT represent yourself. The prosecutor on your case will most likely be far more experienced and knowledgeable about criminal law.

DO NOT decide to appear in court or sign anything without first consulting with an attorney who specializes in criminal defense.

DO NOT try to investigate your own case. This often harms your potential defense. Allow your attorney to do this with the help of an investigator.

DO NOT attempt to interview any witnesses on you own. However, identify potential witnesses and present the witness list to your defense attorney.

DO NOT talk with any investigating officer or law enforcement personnel at all. Just say you want to remain silent, this is your constitutional right!

DO NOT underestimate the defenses that could be presented to court on your behalf by an experienced criminal defense attorney.