Client Testimonials



Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, I’ve always bound by that rule of thumb, and that’s is exactly what I did, when I contacted Adam,
I will recommend Adam, to anyone who is in need of legal representation I had a arms case, and because of my past convictions , the district attorney was insisting on jail time.
I have met a few defense attorneys in my life, but Adam comes to be one the first straight shooters lawyer I’ve met, Adam was able to get me probation, and kept me out of jail Adam is one of the good guys, but don’t take me wrong.. He will fight for you in court, aggressively if necessary, and be creative within the law to resolve your case. – Mino

In a 5-month time period, Adam handled two extremely different cases for me and dominated both! He is an absolutely amazing attorney with a fabulous office and fantastic attitude towards life.
I could not have asked for a better outcome for both of my cases! He kept me informed every inch of the way! I elected to go to one of my court hearings, even though I didn’t have to, but I’m glad I did! I got to see Adam in his zone and see how hard he fights for me. Although there was never a doubt in my mind that I was dealing with the best, this experience put my mind at ease going forward. It was going to be his way or no way.
He is extremely talented and I owe him everything and so much more.
I have walked away from all this with not just an amazing attorney to turn to but a great friend for years to come.
Thank you Adam… – Rudy

Attorney Adam Zolons did an absolute fantastic job mitigating a poor decision made by my son. He is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and will keep in you the loop of what’s going on. He is readily accessible to answer any questions you may have about your case. I highly recommend him!! – Chris
I had a difficult case with a car dealership that installed a faulty after market alarm on my car that I did not want and asked them to remove prior to the sale. The alarm shorted out my electrical system and the dealship tried to hold me acountable under the grounds that after market items void warranties….Adam fought for me and won!!
I would never think of not using Adam, he is trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable, and kept me informed!!
my rating of Adam Zolonz is 5/5 stars! – Evan

I hired Mr. Zolonz to represent me in an administrative hearing. His knowledge of the issues in my case and his courtroom skills were very impressive and exceeded any expectation I had. After the hearing, the court reporter told me I was very lucky to have had Adam represent me. I would recommend Adam to anyone. – Robert C.

Ok, where do I begin? I want to let others searching for a lawyer that you have come to the right place. This guy is the real deal. Not only did he protect me license but he helped me save my JOB!! I hope i never need another attorney but if I do I know who im calling. – Stacey

Adam kept me out of prison. My first attorney took my money, didnt do anything on my case and never returned my calls so I fired him. A friend had worked with Adam in the past so I gave it a shot. He gave me a payment plan and kicked ass when we went to court. I would recommend Adam to anyone. –Mark M.

I was charged with assault on a cop, under the influence of drugs, and date rape. I was facing years in prison. I thought my life was over. My mom heard Mr. Zolonz’s advertisement on the radio, called him, and he saved me big time. I ended up with community service and never stepped foot in jail. I owe it all to my attorney. He called me all the time and kept me up to date on my case. I recommend him to anyone.  –John B.

Adam Zolonz is an excellent lawyer. I met him when I was at one of the lowest points of my life. I had a small drug case, as a user, and was looking at time. I contacted Adam and his first concern was if I wanted to change and better my life. After meeting him, he gave me a chance and began to work with me.
His approach to the case and my defense was better than I ever witnessed and he went far and beyond anything I ever saw from another lawyer. Not only did he work wonders in the courtroom but he also took a personal concern in having me check in with him and stay clean. He has always been there for me as a client. He’s not a push over or a busy body. He’s just a great lawyer and awesome guy.
I’m still going through the process of my case and steps of my sobriety but Adam was a key component to getting my life back. No longer do I live in a van, I have an apartment. My child is home from foster care my family is back together.
I recommend Adam Zolonz to anyone who wants awesome help. Miquel

There are no words that can describe my gratitude for Adam Zolonz. All I can say is that he saved my life. If it wasn’t for Adam, I would be spending my days in prison or county jail right now. Adam is the best lawyer that money can buy. Don’t make the same mistake that I did and go after the “big name” lawyers that will cause you an arm and a leg for the retainer fee. You will end up with a “big name” lawyer who never call you back or worse, place you on the bottom of his/her priority list and treat your case like it is the least important thing. I went through 3 lawyers before I found Adam. I knew Adam was different when he actually called me back within the same day that I called him. That is a rare thing in the legal field when lawyers are so busy making empty promises. Adam never made a promise he did not delivered. He kept true to his words until the day of the sentencing.
My case was a simple prison case for any DA. Embezzlement of over 100K, 3 years minimum. Not only did I not do a single day in jail but I was able to get probation and community service. The best thing is that Adam also argued for my case to be dismissed once the community service and restitution payments were completed. The DA was not happy when the Judge read my sentence out. That’s how good Adam is.
Not only does Adam know the law really well, he has different techniques to attack the prosecutor’s case. The Judge at the LAX Court knew him well and respects him. Having a lawyer the Judge respect and trust is really important. Trust me. Another great thing about Adam is that he keeps you in the loop at all times so you are never in the dark. My only regret in this entire situation, other than not committing the crime in the first place, is wasting my time, energy and money on the other lawyers. I wish I went to Adam first. Regardless, everything happens for a reason and I think you are reading this recommendation for a reason. The reason is that you are shopping around for a lawyer that will treat your case as if it was their own family member’s case. Stop your search here because Adam is the right lawyer for you. He will take care of your case so that you can get back on track with your life with as little interruption as possible. I cannot thank Adam enough. He has saved my life.
Thank you Adam….

Adam’s knowledge and proactive approach was instrumental in the successful outcome of my case which went from a felony and two misdemeanor to just the lesser of the two misdemeanor. I would recommend Adam to anyone seeking representation on any criminal charges. He was very informative, professional and available when I had questions. Adam fought for me and got me out of a undesirable situation and I am thankful.

Adam Zolonz is the most personable attorney in the world. The first day i met him he said he was “my big brother” he fought for me like a lion protecting his den and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Needless to say if you need a great attorney, who does everything under the sun for you pick Adam. He will get you through anything.

Adam cares, that’s the first thing you should know. Within an hour of meeting him he sent me several ideas he had for the case and that he would be working the system from every possible angle to get the best results expected.
Over the course of the case he exhausted every angle he could conceive of, and that I could conceive of, no idea or question was too small. And when the results came in, they were better than expected.
Adam is the type of lawyer who treats his clients like family and the smile on his face when the results were positive told me that he cared as much as I did.
I am very thankful for having been recommended to Adam. If you need help with a DUI, contact Adam immediately, go to his office and meet with him. You will see his compassion and desire to fight for you. The entire time he made me feel like I was not alone, that I had someone on my side who would make the best out of this unfortunate situation.

Adam was able to keep my case away from the district attorneys who would have incriminated me way worse than what I was able to walk away with. District attorneys are known to make things look the worst possible and not let anything pass without the utmost punishment. Adam was able to work a plea out with the judge and have things handled quick and as painless as possible without the prosecuters being involved in the case what so ever. He works magic with his positive attitude, charm, personality, and down to earth spirit. He kept to his word on all appointments, hearings, and phone calls; he even went out of his way to be avialable via text message for me.
Adam showed me he truly cares about his clients and their well being. He will do whatever he can for you and not stop at any lengths. I am so thankful for his advice, thoughts, and service. Hopefully I do not find myself in any more DUI trouble or any other legal trouble, but if I do then I know who to call and I would hire Adam again in a heart beat to represent me! Adam I can’t thank you enough!!!

My son was looking at ten years. Our family was terrified and heartbroken. Adam worked his tail off, kept in touch, we always knew what was coming. Because of his diligence, my son walked away with very little time. This could have been so much worse. We love him for a million reasons. He is young, energetic and tenacious and will do the best for you and your loved ones.

I was in desperate need of a lawyer, something horrible had happened, I was scared, I was told by numerous people that I would be going to jail no matter what I did. I was lucky enough someone had referred me to Adam. I went in for a consultation, after an hour I was sure I wanted him to represent me. Best thing about Adam: communication. Extremely impressed, always returns my calls on time, and kept me well informed about everything. He bent over backwards to make sure I didn’t go to jail, and I didn’t… he treated me like I was his little brother, and even gave me a lot of brotherly advice for life in general = more than I could have asked for. I will never forget what he did for me and will refer him to anyone I know. –P.S.

Mr. Adam Zolonz is the MAN!
Mr. Adam Zolonz was a lifesaver due to his knowledge & his aggression for my case! He doesn’t give up, & tries his damn best to get what he wants! I was suppose to get about 1year in jail, however Mr. Zolonz got me 1 week of house arrest instead!! I had another lawyer prior to hiring Mr. Zolonz, and I had to fire him because as soon as the prosecutor told him I’m going to be sentenced with jail, he didn’t even TRY fighting it, and just wanted to accept the offer! & that’s of course when I had hired Mr. Zolonz, and he FOUGHT for my case (what a good lawyer is suppose to do). All thanks to him. You won’t regret your decision in hiring him! Guaranteed! –Melanie T.

Adam was amazing from start to finish. I was facing a ten year minimum sentence and I walked away with 23 months. He fought for me every step of the way. Words cannot adequately explain my gratitude for his hard work. It is because of Adam, that I’m home with my wife and children and have my life back. It’s because of Adam that I can write this review from a computer, in my office instead of a prison cell. I trusted Adam with my life and he gave it back to me. If you did something stupid and you find yourself in a lot of trouble, then Adam is your guy. You can’t put a price tag on freedom. Believe my words when I say Adam Zolonz is incredible. I can teach my daughter to ride a bike instead of drive a car because of his knowledge and hard work. You will not regret hiring Adam. He took a personal interest in my case and was there for me and my family when times were tough. Do you think some of these other fancy high priced lawyers do that? Well I? can tell you from experience they don’t. You will be lucky to get them on the phone after they take your money and get you to take the first deal. Adam is a fighter and that is what you need if your life is on the line. Please take this review to heart because it is the truth bottom line. Hire him and get your life back on track. –Anonymous

I feel so lucky to have been given this guys information. He is seriously the best attorney in Los Angeles. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a smart, aggressive lawyer. A.P.

I hired Mr. Zolonz to represent me in an administrative hearing. His knowledge of the issues in my case and his courtroom skills were very impressive and exceeded any expectation I had. After the hearing, the court reporter told me I was very lucky to have had Adam represent me. I would recommend Adam to anyone. R.C.