Were You Charged with Tax Evasion? Call A Criminal Attorney in Los Angeles!

Financial fraud, like tax evasion, can have tremendous negative consequences, especially if those suspected by the IRS are the representatives of a company. Not declaring your entire income is punishable by law, but there are cases when the taxpayer was honest and the IRS is wrong.

tax evasion 1 If you were charged with tax evasion, you should call a criminal attorney in Los Angeles. The first thing you should do is to run a quick scan for competent lawyers that have a solid reputation of successfully defending clients in tax evasion cases.

The consequences of being charged with tax evasion vary greatly. If you are charged of deliberately filling false documents, filling false tax returns or declaring a false income, you may end up paying as much as $500.000, plus the cost of prosecution for this crime. Or you can end up in jail for the next five years. The IRS Criminal Investigation Unit relies on its own tax fraud lawyers to analyze the case.

Fighting against the system might seem hopeless, but if you feel that you are right, never give up. Hire a specialized attorney and carefully present him with all of the details. After that, the lawyer will adopt a specific defense strategy. No matter who you hire, make sure not to talk publicly about the case.

The IRS will use everything you say against you. Those to whom you confessed will be also dragged into court to testify. So, you will need to work with a lawyer specialized in tax evasion, that has a fair rate of success in cases involving IRS. Each case is unique, but some general methods can be applied and to successfully obtain an acquittal.

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