What to Do If Your Bank Account Has Been Hacked?

Today we face modern ways of stealing money. There is no longer the need of pointing a gun at a cashier in order to rob a bank. Some talented, but not so well-intentioned, individuals are particularly adept at hacking security systems and illegally transferring money. And when the prize consists of millions of dollars, the attraction becomes almost impossible to resist.

zolonz10Unfortunately, millions of Americans were scammed or hacked in recent years by various cyber-criminals. But what should you do if your bank account has been hacked?  It is not your fault that you lost money. You should try finding an attorney in California that specializes in criminal law and present your case.

Cyber-crimes and cyber-terrorism are real threats to our society. In an instant, a group of hackers can shut down systems and cause damage to the economy.  This past year a major operation codenamed “Project Blitzkrieg” was halted before it even started.

The aim of that operation was to steal money from customers of several banks. Chase, Fidelity, Citibank and many other well-known banks were on the target list. If the plan succeeded, there would have been huge financial losses.

So, hacking systems and stealing money from a bank is no longer considered impossible. There is always someone trying to exploit a security breach or to create one. The real question is what you should do if you notice that your bank account was robbed. Banks should be held responsible and the customers should be reimbursed with the exact sum of money that was stolen.

After all, the bank, not the customer, had the security breach. You should file a claim and if possible, present recent withdrawals from your account. If the bank is not cooperating, then you should hire a lawyer and take legal action against the bank that lost your money.

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